Marketing Director

New Westminster, BC, Canada

About Offworld Industries:

Offworld Industries is a video game studio owned and run by a team of active developers. We were established in 2014 and have a permanent office in New Westminster, BC. Our company culture is built around making sure everyone shares in the success of the company. We offer periodic long vacations and project-based bonuses, a flexible work schedule and an environment based on hitting our goals, and an annual company trip.

You can find out more about Squad, the game we are developing here:

About the Job:

As the studio’s Marketing Director, your job will be to build a marketing team and work with them to plan and execute marketing strategy, drive sales numbers, and build a long-term brand and reputation around Offworld Industries, all with respect to a host of both internal and external game products, our technology framework, and our publishing services.

This includes using a variety of functions and responsibilities for achieving this mission, including partnering or working with influencers, building and managing the brand of the studio and its products, managing advertising campaigns, working with external media outlets and the press, hosting both digital and in-person events, managing the creation of digital marketing content (e.g. trailers and promotional videos), and managing website content and marketing related web postings.

Critically this role will be tasked with responsibility for driving, optimizing and setting targets for the sales numbers of all products across the studio, and will be expected to aid with things like revenue forecasting and project approval decisions to help fulfill that mission.

Job Duties:

  • Building and managing a marketing team, including roles that are able to manage all of the marketing responsibilities listed above.
  • Deciding on or providing direction to members of the marketing team regarding major marketing related problems.
  • Mentoring and developing members of the marketing team to help them grow more self sufficient in their own roles.
  • Building a strong connection and familiarity with the company’s products and business model, to build an understanding of how marketing efforts could help better sell our products and services.
  • Collaborating with various parties across the studio to generate revenue forecasts for the products in the studio.
  • Establishing and monitoring key performance indicators and metrics to measure performance of the companies marketing efforts and the efforts of individual marketing team members.
  • Creating and maintaining strong relationships with key individuals impacted by or connected to marketing, both inside and outside of the publishing department. This includes the development director, business team, community team, project leads, producers, QA, and general developers as appropriate.
  • Providing significant direct management of major marketing events like product announcements and releases, as well as major in-person and digital events.


Skills Requirements:

  • At least 5 years of total experience working in marketing in the video game industry.
  • At least 2 years of total experience working in a managerial role at a company.
  • Outstanding presentation, communication and people skills.
  • Experience working directly with video game influencers.
  • Experience working with product owners to plan a marketing campaign for a product.


  • 6 weeks of total paid vacation, which includes:
  • Paid annual week-long company trip.
  • Paid company breaks twice a year including a two-week Christmas break and a summer flex holiday week.
  • 2 weeks of personal vacation time.


Salaried full time, permanent position working in Vancouver, CA.

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