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As a growing game development studio, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment that fosters excellence within the industry. To achieve this goal, we seek out passionate, driven individuals who value a strong sense of responsibility and comradery. We recognise the skills and efforts of our employees by offering competitive benefits while nurturing a professional yet welcoming atmosphere, enabling all team members to forge close bonds and collectively strive for excellence.

Our company culture revolves around keeping business decisions within reach of our developers, ensuring that everyone shares in the company's successes. Our commitment to fostering collaboration, communication, and mutual support is embedded in every aspect of our work. It can be seen in the type of games we create.

We warmly welcome those who believe this could be their home—a place to flourish as an individual and a team member. If you share our passion for video games and envision making a meaningful contribution to our company, we invite you to join our diverse and inclusive community. While we do have open job listings, we encourage those with a strong drive and talent to reach out to us.