Customer Experience Director

New Westminster, BC, Canada

About the Job:

You are the leader of a shared vision for creating excellent experiences for all our stakeholders.

Closing the loop on all fronts from service to customer success, you are responsible for

facilitating excellence throughout our company. Mentorship, leading by example, and driving

company alignment towards customer-centric principles based on evolving customer

expectations are imperative for success.

You must be able to lead a multi-faceted team to facilitate oversight of customer experience

programs and company-wide initiatives. Your team will need to be creative, intuitive, have

unique perspectives, and understand how to capitalize on the momentum of a customer-centric

system. This will lead you to work very closely with almost all disciplines in our company at all

levels. This will require you to be able to have extensive communication skills, inspire

collaboration, navigate challenging environments, and often fundamental understandings of

relevant partners, such as marketing, HR, and finance.

Job Duties:

● Develop and deploy the company’s customer experience strategy, including

characterization of strategic customer segments and implications for charters and roles

throughout the company, and systematic collection and application of customer

experience insights for strategic advantage and growth.

● Coordinate the various roles associated with customer experience management

throughout the company, minimizing silos of systems, data, assumptions, hand-offs,

performance, and customer touch-points.

● Develop an efficient portfolio of customer experience insights and analytics that provide

a single integrated view of each customer, a broad view of customer experience for each

segment, and reports that compel strategic action systematically across the company.

● Develop effective internal communications strategies that educate executives and

employees about customer experience realities, expectations, goals, improvement and,

engagement opportunities, emphasizing specific ways different roles can make a

difference to the customer.

● Develop recognition for formal and informal collaboration that resolves issues, prevents

issues, and creates value for all stakeholders.

● Ensure ongoing growth and development within the customer experience team and

facilitating all stakeholders with customer-focused communication, customer experience

improvement and innovation, and alignment with customer expectations.


Skills Requirements:

● Background in customer research and analytics, customer strategy, process

improvement, and performance management.

● Minimum of 7 years’ experience in video game industry and community management

● Minimum 5 years of leadership experience; Held at least two or more customer or

community management roles.

● Experience working in Unreal Engine 4

● Ability to recognize the evolving expectations of customer-centric systems to create

effective, fluid strategies.

● Demonstrated ability to create a shared vision, inspire collaboration, and drive change

with momentum.

● Strong interpersonal skills that allow you to be an influential team member that can

coordinate with other departments to support each other's goals.

● Solid analytical and organization skills.

● High level of personal integrity and accountability.

● Be flexible and versatile to work with multiple partners on a global scale.

● Love of video games. (Preferably a strong leaning towards FPS’s)

● English is the language required for the work



● 6 weeks of total paid vacation, which includes:

○ Paid annual week-long company trip.

○ Paid company breaks twice a year, including a two-week Christmas break and a summer flex holiday week.

○ 2 weeks of personal vacation time.

● Relocation expenses covered.

● The wage being offered for this role is $115,000 – $140,000; depending on experience]



This is a full-time permanent position based in our Vancouver office, located in the heart

of New Westminster, BC. It will require travel, which may range between 10-20% of your time.

This role offers a competitive salary, industry-leading benefits package, an excellent vacation

policy, core-working hours, an annual company trip, and, most of all, wonderful people to work


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