Summer 2019 Recap


Things have been busy in development! Between the sales and free weekends, our teams have been busy. Post Scriptum released their gore update, making it even more realistic than before and keeping the improvements in other areas coming steadily as well. Squad has just been pumping out the updates – Alpha 15 dropped in July, followed closely by Modding 2.0 and its very first free DLC: the Canadian Armed Forces. Now they’re hard at work on Alpha 16. The merch store for Squad was also relaunched over the summer, bigger and better than ever. So if you’ve been looking for some new swag… We’ve got you covered. 

Around the Office

Our Vancouver office has been exploding with new people. When we first moved in here in June 2018, there were around 15 people in-office and everybody else in the company was working remotely. We’ve since been hiring new people and relocating current team members, and now we’ve more than doubled in numbers at HQ. Office space was getting tight, so we had to expand. Cue a second office, right down the hall from the first. Our publishing and special projects team moved in and have made the space their own. 

Outside of Vancouver, we’ve also established our first satellite office in Austin, TX. The leads of our marketing and customer experience teams (aka Beard Force One) are both based in Austin, so we put them together in what might be the coziest setup of all time. Despite bumping chairs every day, they’re very happy there. 

What’s Next? 

You can expect some radio silence from the OWI team over the next couple of weeks as we take some time off for our yearly vacation. This year, 53 people from our team will be spending a week of well-earned rest in Japan! There will be meetings, there will be shenanigans, there may even be some team members getting stuck in Akihabara. You’ll hear all about it when we get back.