Post Scriptum: Now with more freedom!

Today is the day Post Scriptum launches their new faction: The US Airborne. You can expect to see 2 additional maps (Grave and Veghel) in the near future along with the 101st Airborne.

This weekend they will be hosting a StackUp event with OWI & Onward. In honor of this and the launch of the US Airborne, we are also turning this weekend into a free event for all steam users alongside a -25% Off discount on all steam purchases.

-Add: US 82nd Airborne
-Add: New map Velmolen 2x2km map
-Add: New Gamemode AAS for every maps

-Gameplay: Bunker cost increased 200->400
-Gameplay: Bunker model changed (roof and cover)
-Gameplay: Increase name readability
-Gameplay: HUD marker visibility increased by 20%

-Fix: Overhaul to bipoding mechanics
-Fix: Flak 36 damage model missing
-Fix: K98 dry reloead sound

Release Trailer
Thank you so much for your support and we are very excited to release this new update.