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Working at Offworld Industries

As a small indie publisher and game development studio that is on the rise, we strive to be the best in the industry. In order to do that, we surround ourselves with passionate and driven individuals with a strong sense of responsibility and camaraderie. We do this by providing excellent benefits, and a professional, but friendship-oriented atmosphere allowing us to have close bonds with each other which drive us to punch well above our fighting weight.

As a growing company, working at Offworld is a fun but challenging experience, as we continue to strive for dominance in the niche market place of the industry. While others are continuing to provide the same experience to their player base year after year, we want to show our players what we are truly capable of. With great growth, comes great potential and innovation, that is what awaits the future members of our team.

Offworld Industries is also unique as a video game studio in that it is owned and operated by a wide group of it's developers. With a relatively flat structure, our company culture is built around keeping decisions close to the developers whenever we can, and making sure everyone shares in the success of the company. Whether it is with our work policies or our decisions, we are seeking to always be a studio that fosters collaboration, communication, and support for each other, just as we do in our games.

We welcome anyone who reads this and feels that this could be a home for them to strive to become a developer or employee. If you feel that you are passionate about video games and could make a real contribution at our company, come join the group and we will make sure the studio takes care of you in return.

Our open positions


New Westminster, BC, Canada // We are looking for an experienced producer who desires project ownership and the creative freedom to solve the most challenging problems.

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Lead Environment Artist

New Westminster, BC, Canada // We are seeking a dynamic environment art lead who is both a proven leader and a great artist. The Environment Art Lead will report to the Art Director and work alongside the leads for the art disciplines, ensuring cross-department teamwork and the overall success of the games at our studio.

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